Income Disclaimer:

While every care has been taken to provide timely training and materials, support, tools, and traffic generation we can not guarantee your success in earning money with any program advertised herein or with our products and upgrades sold directly on SFI

No member or affiliate is allowed to make claims of earnings personal or 3rd party as these earnings statements serve to prove nothing beyond the potential to make money and are not a guarantee of earnings. While some people may reach the top earnings tiers in affiliate marketing with us many others will see moderate to low earnings based on their participation and application of our systems as well as other forces outside our control.

SFI Advantage is not a Get Rich Quick program, we do not support get rich quick programs, and you will not get rich quick using SFI Advantage or it’s partners. We are not a MLM or Network Marketing company. We offer a straight-line commission on the sale of advertising and marketing products. We make no promise of earnings or results using any of those products as those results are not guaranteed in our own marketing, there is NO WAY TO BUY ALL GOOD LEADS.

By Joining SFI Advantage you are agreeing that you have read this disclaimer and will not make claims of income as a method of sales and will always put the advertising nature of the system first when recruiting.

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